DragonCon 2014 Cosplay Pictures Set 90

And that’s it for tonight, I didn’t leave work until after 10pm. I should leave on time the rest of the week, though, and I won’t have to work any this weekend, so I will get more pictures posted each day.

  1. Chun-Li from Street Fighter.
  2. Unknown.
  3. Unknown.
  4. Dr. Thaddeus S. Venture, from The Venture Bros.
  5. Betty Boop! Classic.
  6. Not a costume, but she was wearing horns (she’d forgotten she was still wearing them) so I asked for a picture.
  7. Unknowns.
  8. Unknown, left, and Thor, from Marvel Comics, right.
  9. I’m not certain, but I believe this to be a storm trooper. Without the helmet, of course.
  10. Mad Max, the Road Warrior.

2 October 2014 ·

DragonCon 2014 Cosplay Pictures Set 89

  1. Unknown, the Joker, and Harley Quinn. I rather like the beach look for the Joker.
  2. Captain America. A man’s ma - hmm. Well, an inspiration to us all, I’m sure!
  3. Steampunks. Security should run them off, them and their wacky sartorial highjinks and sideways technology!
  4. Unknown. At least if I don’t admit it, he can’t get me, right?
  5. Unknown.
  6. Unknown.
  7. Mr. Incredible, from Pixar’s The Incredibles. Possibly the greatest movie yet made, judging by its ranking in top 10 lists. Seldom the number 1, but on average does better than the others.
  8. The Wolverine, of Marvel Comics. I would say “of the X-Men” but he wasn’t originally, and spends more time away from them than with them.
  9. Ichigo Kurosaki, from Bleach. With Hollow mask and sword.
  10. Loki, bearing a sign and a grudge. From Marvel Comics; in this case, specifically from the movie The Avengers.

2 October 2014 ·

DragonCon 2014 Cosplay Pictures Set 88

  1. Chaos Marines! Several pictures of these guys, all with the focus problem. Grrrr!
  2. Rogue of the X-Men, from Marvel Comics.
  3. Unknown.
  4. Queen of Hearts, perhaps?
  5. Washu Hakubi, from Tenchi Muyo.
  6. An assassin, from the Assassin’s Creed franchise - hard to say which for sure. Probably Sisterhood?
  7. Unknowns.
  8. Whoever the guy is on the Borderlands game ads. I cannot find a name for him. Doesn’t matter now, clearly she killed him and took his mask.
  9. Nightwing, left, and an unknown, right.
  10. Two unknowns having too much fun. Or just enough fun?

2 October 2014 ·

DragonCon 2014 Cosplay Pictures Set 87

And here are some of the worst examples of focus problems that I’m willing to post. I believe I mentioned the focus went wonky on the camera for a bit; if not, it did.

  1. A stewardess from The Fifth Element.
  2. Unknowns.
  3. Cat Woman.
  4. Saeko, from High School of the Dead, left, and Doctor Doom, of Marvel Comics, right.
  5. Doctor Doom! Tremble, minion!
  6. Slender Man, left, unknown (possibly a version of Jack from Nightmare before Christmas), right.
  7. Dr. Frank N. Furter and Janet, from Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  8. Maleficients three - I am very disappointed that the focus was so screw up for shots of these three.
  9. A Storm Trooper in hot climate uniform.
  10. I believe this to be a Glados cosplay (from Portal). Though the cake was very convincing.

1 October 2014 ·

DragonCon 2014 Cosplay Pictures Set 86

I am really at a loss for most of these - any help identifying is appreciated.

  1. Some form of Mario character - but I’ve never seen Mario himself in those colors and the flower is unfamiliar to me.
  2. Wonder Woman, from DC Comics. I had thought a sidekick, but the outfit is close to some Wonder Woman has worn and not to any of the sidekicks I’ve seen.
  3. Unknown.
  4. Federation officer, science track, infested with Tribbles.
  5. Unknowns.
  6. Unknown.
  7. Unknown.
  8. Unknown.
  9. Unknowns.
  10. Unknown.

1 October 2014 ·

DragonCon 2014 Cosplay Pictures Set 85

Yes, looks like just the 50 tonight. But I’ve got 50 more picked and a few of them compressed, so I at least have a head start on the next batch. Silver lining, silver lining!

  1. Harry, Lily, and James Potter. No doubt that is yet another horcrux Harry is holding.
  2. Unknown. And I don’t know who the woman is either.
  3. A Tolkien elf, obviously. And another example of flash versus no flash - in this one, the outfit is bright silver, more… celestial looking, for want of better words.
  4. The same elf, no flash. In this case the outfit is much better suited for a cool woodland setting.
  5. Bane, from DC Comics, in a somewhat less “huggy-bear” form than usual, and an unknown pirate wench of some sort.
  6. Unknown.
  7. I believe this is Rogue, from Marvel Comics X-Men, and Harley Quinn, from DC Comics, in somewhat non-standard outfits.
  8. Lara Croft, from Tomb Raider.
  9. Unknown.
  10. The Baroness, from Cobra (the evil organization from GI Joe, of course), portrayed by Vivica Hallow.

30 September 2014 ·

DragonCon 2014 Cosplay Pictures Set 84

  1. An original character (I asked, and for a wonder remembered).
  2. Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.
  3. Unknown.
  4. Unknowns.
  5. Disney’s Tinkerbell, in a somewhat steampunky version. Emphasis on “tinker”, maybe?
  6. Unknowns. The winking one seems familiar, but I can’t positively identify these.
  7. A pirate wench.
  8. Unknown.
  9. An unknown, and a lousy picture because I accidently hit the button while moving the camera. But I’m posting this one because the flash in the next drowned out the lights on the costume.
  10. The same unknown, with the flash. And, you know, actually holding the camera this time.

30 September 2014 ·

DragonCon 2014 Cosplay Pictures Set 83

So I had to work late again today, though not quite as bad as Monday, and I may only get 50 posted. We’ll see, I’ll try for the full 100, but the compression has been getting flaky.

  1. I’m not sure, but I believe this to be the Baroness on the left, with another member of Cobra in the middle, and an unknown on the right.
  2. The Stonecutter’s Guild (note the link to their Facebook page), from The Simpsons, having one of their number taking a commemorative photo. In this case, I did not use flash, and figured I’d include an extra picture for comparison.
  3. The Stonecutter’s Guild, with flash. The flash on this camera may be a bit much. I’m glad I didn’t opt for the more powerful external flash!
  4. And a third of the Stonecutter’s Guild, as they are singing their theme song. What a jolly bunch of secret overlords!
  5. Loki and Thor, from Marvel Comics. Loki has clearly taunted Thor a little too much here.
  6. Loki and Thor, all in good fun. Clearly Loki is about to give Thor bunny ears. Classic!
  7. Zoe and Wash, from Firefly.
  8. Unknown, I don’t know.
  9. Looks like Mulan and Princess Anna as Sailor Scouts to me.
  10. Unknown.

30 September 2014 ·

DragonCon 2014 Cosplay Pictures Set 82

  1. Queen Nefertiti, left, and an unknown, right. I suspect this Nefertiti is from a game, or perhaps Doctor Who.
  2. Unknowns, though the horns and eyes look familiar.
  3. Unknown. Possibly Little Red Riding Hood?
  4. Unknown, unknown, and the Joker from DC Comics.
  5. Unknown. Sailor McDonalds?
  6. Jean Grey as The Phoenix, and Wolverine, from the X-Men of Marvel Comics.
  7. Rogue, of the X-Men, and Emma Frost (mostly of the Hellfire Club, if I recall correctly) from Marvel Comics.
  8. Sabertooth, from Marvel Comics. Apparently not happy about having his picture taken.
  9. Harley Quinn, from DC Comics.
  10. If you don’t know who these two are, you aren’t on tumblr. And then how are you seeing this? Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, from Disney’s Frozen.

30 September 2014 ·

DragonCon 2014 Cosplay Pictures Set 81

I’ve got 100 pictures picked out and have started compressing them. Unfortunately my camera started having focus problems so some of these are iffy and some I’ve have to exclude entirely.  But the end is in sight! Only 660 more pictures to look at after tonights postings, and that will end up bing only about 300 more!

  1. Harley Quinn, from DC Comics.
  2. Unknown.
  3. Unknown, though I suspect she is a member of the Lantern Corps, from DC Comics. But I have a nagging feeling I recognize the cosplay as something else that I can’t put my finger on.
  4. The Mad Hatter, of course.
  5. Unknown. Though I would like to call this a combination of the Skipper and Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island with a pink fox.
  6. Unknown.
  7. A twi’lek Jedi.
  8. A man having too much fun with a very big gun. The Heavy from Team Fortress 2.
  9. A steampunk faerie!
  10. The same steampunk faerie, different angle.

30 September 2014 ·

And again, no pictures today

I didn’t leave work until well after 8pm, which made me late for my evening plans, which also went long, so… no pictures today. I don’t have plans for tomorrow so I will try for a double set.

29 September 2014 ·

No pictures today

I had to work nearly a full day today, and have had a headache since near the end of that, so I’m going to skip pictures tonight.  I ought to be able to get a full 50 out tomorrow, if a bit late.

28 September 2014 ·

DragonCon 2014 Cosplay Pictures Set 80

A reminder, these images are high resolution but tumblr only shows thumbnails by default. Clicking on the images opens a larger version. And again, help identifying is welcome.

  1. Unknown.
  2. Poison Ivy, with Robin in the background, from DC Comics.
  3. Unknowns.
  4. The young dragon rider from before, with his father.
  5. This was the incomplete costume from a couple of posts ago, by the way. Very impressive.
  6. Even dragon-riding deathlords have to “press the flesh” so to speak, shaking hands and kissing babies. Politics…
  7. Having had enough of the peasants, he leaves.
  8. Unknowns.
  9. Unknowns.
  10. Unknown.

27 September 2014 ·

DragonCon 2014 Cosplay Pictures Set 79

Too many unknowns in this set!

  1. Unknown.
  2. A space marine, from Warhammer 40K. I am terrible at identifying the units, though.
  3. The same space marine, from behind.
  4. Unknowns. Though we’ve seen the second one three times now with slight variations on the outfit.
  5. I believe this to be the Enchantress, from Marvel Comics (one of Thor’s enemies). But it is hard to be sure, since she has appeared in many outfits and this theme is common to others.
  6. Unknown.
  7. Zatanna, from DC Comics.
  8. Unknown. Though vaguely familiar. Possibly from a Final Fantasy?
  9. A young dragon rider, on an equally young dragon.
  10. Unknowns.

27 September 2014 ·

DragonCon 2014 Cosplay Pictures Set 78

  1. I can’t be sure, since I don’t watch the show, but it looks like winter is coming. Perhaps Game of Thrones?
  2. A member of Star Fleet, science track.
  3. Astrid, from How to Train Your Dragon 2.
  4. Unknown.
  5. Barf, from Spaceballs.
  6. Unknown.
  7. Harley Quinn, from DC Comics.
  8. I believe this is Daenerys and one of her dragons, from Game of Thrones.
  9. I just thought this was clever, having his own cameraman mounted to his back. Clearly, lugging around a camera with your own hands the way I did is for suckers.
  10. Unknown.

27 September 2014 ·

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